Could'nt update demo content

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I could see lot of post about issues with demo content. Even i am facing the same problem. I need some help for updating this, i tried all possible methods, in the recommended action tab i don’t see any pending plugins.

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When you go to Appearance > Install Demo Data and you should be able to install the data there.

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thanks for the response, i do not see this option in the appearance menu

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The option should be under Appearance, have you installed the demo content before?

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no i havent updated demo content and i dont see that option in the appearance tab. How should i fix this, i even tried re uploading the template again.

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Let us start here. Please use our guide to install the demo:

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sir, in the same video i had already commented saying i did not see the demo content in the recommended actions tab.

I have created a temp login id, please review and let me know if i am missing anything.

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Demo installation will work in the case when you dont have made any changes in the website, in other world, it works only on brand new WordPress installation, you have to reset this installation if you want to install demo

How do you “reset” the demo installation? I have switched the current site to a different site, removed the PL installation I had. Re-installed PL, activated it and then I still don’t have the option to install demo-content.

well, sometimes self-help is the best way to go.

You need to basically fully wipe any existing content you might have already. I followed these instructions:

Next, I went to “Plugins” < searched for “wp reset” - install < follow the instructions to fully wipe your WP content (NOTE: content is not recoverable at all, which is what you need/ want to find the demo content).

Next, remove any existing installs you might still have of PL.

Next, re-install PL

Next, install all “recommended plugins”. After doing that, you get the “recommended action” of “installing contact form 7” → do that

Next, recommended action “install demo content” finally appears.

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That’s it! :slight_smile:
today when we have google almost anything is possible to find, you just need to ask proper questions
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nope, I believe this can be marked resolved. Not sure if OP had a change to try this.

I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions Thanks!