Counter disappear in responsive situation

hi i have 9 counter in all
but when its under 786px width
the counter-number just went disappear, and i can’t find a way to fix it!
really need some help here! and sincerely love Illdy <3

Hey there,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

The counter is responsive and shouldn’t disappear, as you can test on our demo.

Can you share the URL to your website so we can look at the issue?
Also, do you have any custom CSS?

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hey this is my work!

i found out i have change col-sm-4 css before
now i took it off it still can’t responsive

and thanks for your helping


I see that the counters working just fine in all responsive widths: can you confirm?

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hi i just check it.
And what’s weird is the responsive is fine in chrome
But on the phone it just disappear.

i don’t know where it went wrong…


Try clearing the phone browser’s cache, and check the issue. If that still continues, try disable all the plugins other than illdy-companion plugin and see that fixes the issue, In iPhones it shows some script error, however I check our demo and my local website, both works just fine, so I think that is something to do with your plugin or your Custom Code. SO please narrow down the issue in those two areas.

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I did what you said stop the extra plugin or delete the custom code, but it still the same. So i decide to reenter the numbers. then i found out if its within 6 set of number it work okay but once it overpass 6 set in mobile. The responsive will be disable.


Is it possible to show 9 set of numbers?
kinda really need ti know.


Hi, it has been few days after I reply. Maybe the system missed the message. My question is “Is it possible to use nine counters and also have rwd ?”

And thanks for your replay, I’m really grateful! Love your theme!