Counter not displaying

Hi there,

I cannot make my counter section display.

Static front page is enabled and widgets are loaded.

I’ve read some of the other tickets raised; I’ve viewed on Chrome and Safari, neither display. I’ve cleared the cache, I’ve changed backgrounds, I’ve removed the widgets and started again; none of this has helped.

I’m using mac and iPad; have experimented with viewing on both.

I can only see the counter when I’m logged in.

My website is:

Can you please advise what next?

Many thanks!

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Could you please provide an image of the counter being displayed on the backend?

There is a solution for the issue here:

Before attempting the fix, please make a backup:

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Thank you for your response. I have backed up my website and updated the minified js as suggested in Post #97613 (

I’ve refreshed, logged out and back in, cleared cache and still cannot view my counter on the live site; I’ve checked two mac computers both running Chrome. I’ve also checked my iPad and the counter also does not display still.

I’ve attached screenshots of the back end and the live site.

The website is:

Thanks again.

Hello there,

Thanks for that information.

Please go to Appearance > Widgets and ensure that the Illdy Counter widget is assigned to the sidebar.

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Hi again,

Thanks for your continued help.

I have gone to Appearance > Widgets and checked the Illdy Counter widget is assigned to the sidebar. There are three counters assigned.

I have attached a screenshot of the widgets in both back-end locations.

I’m still not seeing the counter on my live site; there is no widgets, background or text displaying.

Is there something wrong with the way these widgets appear in the sidebar?

Many thanks, Britt.

Hello there,

Your settings appear to be fine.

Please disable all third party plugins so that only the Illdy companion plugin is active then delete your WordPress cache and check to see if the counter then appears.

I await your response.

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Thank you again for your advice.

I have disabled all plugins leaving only the Illdy Companion activated. I have cleared the cache (using WP Fastest Cache) and I also cleared the browser cache again. My hosting is through SiteGround; I also flushed the hosting cache.

I have tested the live site again on my mac Chrome and also my iPad; still the counters do not display.

As a test, I changed the background of the testimonials section and again tested the live site. The changed background displayed, so I can confirm that changes are updating.

I reactivated all plugins and tested the live site again; still no counters.

Is there anything further I can try?

Thanks again, Britt.

Hi again,

I’m still not able to activate my counter… Is there anything further I can do to make the counters appear on the live site?

I have also noticed that the copyright section doesn’t appear on the live site either.

So I’ve deleted the theme and reinstalled, still not seeing what I should be seeing. I’ve installed this theme on another website and it works perfectly.

Can I please get some assistance?

My website is:

Regards, Britt.


Try changing the background color/background image of the counter section.

Once the same problem occurred to me because the yellow color was not displaying in the browser.

And since the text of counter section is white, you won’t be able to see anything there.

If you select and drag your cursor over that area, you may find that the counter section is there but just because of the color it’s not visible.

Hope this works.


Hi Harshal!

You are a genius, this has worked! Thank you very much, I am very, very happy :slight_smile:

For anyone having a similar problem, I did the following:

  1. I tested the theory, by selecting the section of my live site that wasn’t displaying (see attached image).

  2. Once I confirmed the text was there, I did as Harshal suggested and changed the background colour. Even though I had changed the background image a few times, this didn’t fix the issue. The colour was white by default; I chose purple, and for whatever reason this then caused/ enabled the background image to appear, with the counter text overlaid!

I still don’t have the copyright text appearing at the bottom of the page, but I will work that out in due course.

Thanks to everyone for your help!

I’m so glad it worked. ?

For copyright problem, try changing the default text. For example, replace 2016 by 2017 or any other change that you wish to make.

When you keep the text as it is this problem occurs sometimes. You need to change the text to make it appear in the live site.

See if this works!

Hi Harshal,

You are right again; I have changed the text and it now appears on the live site. That makes so much sense; it is how the other elements are programmed to operate/ display.

Thank you so much for your help, again!