Counter section CSS high

Hello There, Id lie to change the high of the counter section. Possible? Nearly 100px. Take care, Matthias

Hi Matthias

yes, its possible, please provide direct link to the page and I will generate custom CSS code for you


Merry Christmas to all. Thanks for replay.

Background is. Id like to have this image under the text area. Counter Section. When i include an image over the »normal way« ---- the image is only on the right site. (Mobil Version)

Take care, Matthias

Hi Matthias

First of all, you need to choose a better image, it has white areas left and right which makes it useless, check this out and choose a better, wider image:

Thanks a lot. Hmmm. Sorry for confusing. I think it looks great with a higher area and background image.
in the middle. Maybe better to cahneg the hif over CSS ! I include a new image over the background. Its transparent. Why i see know a little white bar. Idears? Best, Matthias

Matthias, this problem can not be fixed by CSS, make sure your images does not have these white areas on the right-left side: Monosnap