Creating Different Titles/Subtitles for Different Slides in Slider Jumbotron

Hello. How can I create different titles and subtitles for different slides/images in the Jumbotron Section with slider background? Right now I have different slides/images, but I can only input one static title and one static subtitle/entry in the Jumbotron Section form.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Link is

Thank you.

Here is an example of what I am talking about–a link to a website with different titles/subtitles for different slides:

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Yes I understand you, but there is no built-in way to do this, so, you may want to implement third party plugin to achieve similar featrue

I installed a third party plugin and have tried to replace the Jumbotron slider. A representative of the third party plugin tried to create a child theme in my WordPress, but said that it does not transfer to my current theme’s settings properly. They said that I should get in touch with my theme’s developer as it is much better to do these changes into a child theme. Could I please get any help here?

Thank you.

Hey there

So, you lost settings made in pare theme and you want to have them in a child theme? as I can see your website looks normal now, is your problem resolved?

No, unfortunately the problem is not resolved.

No, unfortunately the problem is not resolved. I don’t know if the forum allows mentioning names of third party plugins, so I am setting this reply to private. Basically, I want to install a slider using a third party plugin that we’ll call “SLIDER”. A SLIDER representative tried to help me replace my existing Illdy Jumbotron with a SLIDER by editing out some code and embedding a PHP code in the CSS/HTML Editor.

However, the SLIDER representative failed to make it work. What you are seeing now on is the Illdy slider. The representative’s response to me was:

“I tried to create a child theme in your WordPress, but it does not transfer your current theme’s settings properly. Probably you should get in touch with the theme’s developer as it is much better to do these changes into a child theme. To replace that to part in your theme, you need to disable the top slider first. Then you need to edit the following file: /wp-content/themes/illdy/sections/front-page-bottom-header.php Probably you can remove everything from this file and use the following code: [THIRD PARTY CODE OMITTED] Please note that after you made thing change, do not update your theme as you will lose it. This is why ti is much better to do this in a child theme.”

Bottom line is this. I would just please like to know which exact code to edit so that my SLIDER slider replaces the Illdy Jumbotron slider, but still appears and functions similarly (taking into account how it looks and scrolls). The only reason I had to get a third party plugin is so that I can change the text on different slider pages, as initially described above.

Any help here would be much appreciated! Thank you.

Hi Dandan

Im so sorry about this, right now we are talking about the customization of the theme, im afraid we cant fulfill such requests because they are not covered by normal support scopes, you may need to find a freelancer who can make this implementation for you

Hope you understand