Creating H1s for Blog Post Titles

Hello Colorlib,
I’ve noticed the titles for the blog posts don’t have H1 tags. I’m keen to have unique H1s for each blog post as they’re good for SEO.

Is there a way to do this?

I’ve attached a screen shot to illustrate my point.

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this is not the problem you can include your custom h1 title text in the post editor, default page title uses h2 tag and unfortunately, there is no option to change this without customization of the template files

Colorlib Support Team

Hi Noda,

I tried changing the h1 in post editor, but it created either multiple H1s in the theme (as seen in screen shot 3).

I tried adding it in the body and removing the title, but then I just got “untitled” in the post (as seen in screen shot 4).

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You have to add only one text with the h1 tag in the body of content, as i can see on the picture its more than one, can i see the url of the page?

Hi Noda
Please find the URL here

Sorry, also just noticed the parallax sections on the homepage don’t seem to be showing now :frowning:

as far as i can see you are using h3 for this text: “Midsummer in Sweden” You could use h1 instead of this

Hi Noda,

I’m approaching this from an SEO pov. Ideally each page should have one H1 as the main header at the top of the page. If the shapely theme doesn’t allow that then I’ll stick with the set up I’m using now.

On the other subject of the home page. Do you know why theme only seems to be working when I’m logged in as admin?

You can have one h1 on the page, it not required to stick it at the top of the page because its not possible, there is a menu and other text above it so this is not required in SEO, just use one h1 tag on the page,

Hi Noda,

Understood, thank you for looking into that for me :slight_smile:


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No problem, contact us anytime you wish :slight_smile:
Now I will now close the topic and mark it as resolved. Feel free to contact us again Thanks!

Hi Noda,

Apologies for opening the ticket.

The subject of having Blog Post Titles as a H1 has come up again and I really do need to change from the H2 to H1.
How do I customize the template file to do this?

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Hi John

“How do I customize the template file to do this?” - customizing theme files is outside of our free support, this is up to our clients, usually, if you don’t have experience with this you have to hire someone,
easy thing i can suggest (but you must have some experience) is this plugin to know which theme file was used for page and then you have to edit it: