CSS-custom not changing anymore for WordPress theme

Dear users,

Today I logged in on my laptop (usually I use my desktop) and wanted to change the menu spacing on my travelify theme blog. I changed the spacing from the standard one to a custom one by changing it via CSS code (entered code under Appearance -> Theme Options -> Other -> Custom CSS).

First I did not see any code anymore here which made me wonder (before I always saw all the code I entered before). Then I just reentered the code and changed the numbers but it actually did not do anything. It always said: “Changes saved” but nothing ever changed.
Whats wrong here?

even if I change (in the CSS section of Appearance menu) to older revisions (where the code is definitely different) nothing is visibly changing. I reloaded the page via CTRL+F5 and deleted cookies but nothing changed.
Did something change with the latest WP and Travelify version on how CSS custom changes are working?Or what the hell is going on…

This functionality still works on all browsers, so there must be something wrong with your WordPress installation or theme changes that you have made in code.

  • At first try to disable completely all plugins and then make changes via Custom CSS field.
  • If above doesn’t help try to reinstall theme completely by switching to a different theme and then erasing it completely and then install it again.

If nothing of above helps. Please post your website URL and code that you are using as there might be some errors in it.

Oh yeah. Iam sorry Aigars! It seems to be a problem with the latest update of Jetpack. I never realized that the CSS site I was using was implemented by Jetpack.
Probably just delete this thread and thanks for your always awesome and fast help!!!

Ok, no problems with that. Will mark this thread as resolved.

Let me know if you need any further assistance.