CSS not showing correctly

I use Shapely for my Wp site https://raccontodigitale.it
Last week I activated portfolio section via Jetpack as explained in your video tutorial. By mistake I activated a JackPack feature to improve site speed (site accelerator).
After doing that, I noticed that my CSS code was not showing at all (font, icon colours etc) when navigating the site. I turned this feature off and everything seemed back to normal. But over the last days I’ve noticed that, when navigating the site, sometimes CSS style works, sometimes not. I don’t know why this happens and how to fix it. Have you got any clue?
I haven’t made any changes to CSS code, the only thing I can think of is this Jetpack feature I turned on and then off.

Hope you can help me with this!

Good morning Silvia

Site i working for me, i can’t see anything unusual, can you tell me where to look or can you provide a screenshot of the problem?

Hello Noda,
Thanks for checking! At the beginning everything is ok but after navigating some pages, the CSS “disappears” and it looks like images “CSS wrong” here attached. In “CSS ok” pictures, you see how it should look like. I’m also sending you the CSS code I use. As you see I changed H1/H2/H3/H4 fonts , menu fonts, icon colors in homepage, hid page title etc
Homepage is made with shapely, while other fix pages are made with Elementor but using the theme CSS fonts. Till last week everything worked ok, never had a problem. I tried from different devices and the problem is the same. Ant ideas? Could it depend on JetPack Site Accelerator which I activated by mistake and turned off after a couple of hours?



I hope you are doing well today.

Please try disabling any third party plugins that were not bundled with the theme as one of them may be causing a conflict with the theme then go to Dashboard > Updates and install any pending updates there.

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thanks for the answer. I started by disabling the security plugin Wp Cerber and when refreshing the published site, CSS style was restored. I’ll wait some days to see if the problem happens again. If so, I’ll disable other third-part plugins as you suggested.
As far as you know, can this type of security plugin interfere with the CSS theme?


Hello Silvia

Yes, this is what we call css conflict between theme and plugin