CSS stylesheet changes don't show

Hi Aigars,

I love this simple theme and even simpler to use and edit stylesheet. However, none of the changes I’m making in the Editor appear on the page (eg: category box color). Is it because I’m using a Theme Test Drive?


  • Erik

I am not familiar with this plugin but from their description I can see that it will work only for WordPress admin “Safely test drive any theme as an administrator, while visitors use the default one.”

There is no way changes aren’t taking effect if you are adding them directly into properly configured Child Theme style.css or inside default style.css. There is only one stylesheet for this theme, so no possible conflicts or anything.

For more information on how to use WordPress Child Theme refer to offical documentation http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

Thanks Aigars, for the quick response and information. Unfortunately it seems that none of the styling elements that I’ve added to the Child Theme style.css appear when using the referenced plugin. However, I’ve installed the CSS Plus Plugin, initially to just change the appearance of my first blog post that I want as a sticky post on the front page. I tried playing around and changing overall style elements within this plugin and they do appear on the entire front page. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or there’s some strange loophole…I’m fairly amateur with CSS.