Custom CSS to modify widget title on Shapely front page

Hi there, can someone help me to modify the size and positioning of the widget title for my Instagram parallax section at ?

I am looking for the widget title ‘Instagram’ to match the size and positioning of the other parallax sections but I can’t work out a way to do this.

Hey there

Sure, you can use this css code to fix your problem:

#custom_html-11 .widget-title {
text-align: center;
padding-top: 30px;
font-size: 45px;

Hi Noda, that works, thank you. Would you also be able to provide some custom CSS to increase the padding at the bottom of the same section?

On a related note, is there a way to adjust the position of the titles of the parallax sections above? I’d like to be able to bring the images and text sections closer together - I thought about adding custom CSS to increase the relevant padding but I don’t know how this will render when viewed on different screen sizes and devices?

Hey there

Ok, you may use this css code:

#custom_html-11 {
padding-bottom: 40px;

Well, actually not fully possible, content is distributed int he columns and you cant move them globally, also, this will cause some issues on mobile screens


Thank you! That makes sense. I’ll try laying out the content differently instead :slight_smile:

Ok, if anything is required form me just let me know

Thank you! Happy for this to be closed now.

Case closed, thanks, and have a nice weekend