Custom footer

I created a custom footer as a page in Elementor with columns for Privacy, Contact, Logo, etc. Unlike with other themes, I found that there is no option to display a different page in place of the default footer in the Appearance > Customize > Footer pane.

I then tried copying my code into a Custom html widget and inserted that into the footer area under Footer Widget 1. But it displays incorrectly – columns have shifted, colors changed, text boxes have slipped, etc.

How can I disable the default footer and use my custom footer instead?


HI there

First of all, copyright section of the theme cannot be a disable without a proper license, so, make sure you have that license once you get it you can hide it with custom css (we can provide it if you dont have) but adding custom footer to your website is not possible from options panel, there is no predefined or optional way to do this and if you designed it with elementor plugin you have to add it to all your pages manually,