Custom Head / Slider Image help / sign up bar / heart graphic

Hi there,

I really want to move my website over to your Unite theme. It’s so great. I have downloaded and activated but a few things didn’t look right so I need to work them out before I switch over as I have a high traffic website.

  1. When I added my customer header logo design it looked low res - I don’t have this issue on my current website with the image used. Can you advise the dpi and px for uploading a logo that works for this theme?

  2. Is it possible to show snippets of blog posts similar to Dazzling theme below the slider? - The reason I haven’t gone with Dazzling instead is I prefer the overall layout and design. What are the options for showing posts below the slider?

  3. Using Carousel is it possible to add text overlays to slider images - can you recommend a plug in? - Similar to what you have created on your slider on the demo.

  4. Sign up bar - is there a compatible plug in - newsletter sign up that works well with your themes? Something that could sit below the slider or above? - I just wondered if you know anything that’s possible. I would want the sign up above the fold.

  5. Can the nav bar/social media become sticky when scrolling?

  6. Is there a way to use the heart with a line through graphic (shown on the blog pages) on the homepage?

Sorry for so many questions. I really can’t wait to use this theme, it looks really great.

Thank you in advance,


  1. Suggested width is 450 pixels. Suggested height is 150 pixels. It uses default WordPress Custom header functionality, so there are literally no limits for customization. it is drag & drop interface for cropping etc. This feature has very little to do with theme itself.

  2. Slider can be added anywhere you want because it uses shortcode system. To implement it inside page, blog, single page or other template files directly you can use PHP code

<?php echo do_shortcode('[image-carousel twbs="3"]'); ?>
If you want to display it on some single Post or Page you can use a simple shortcode like this [image-carousel twbs="3"] No limits there, just play around your setup.

  1. This theme uses this slider plugin It will look like in theme demo without any customization from your side. Just active, upload your images, add your text and you are ready to go. This is already mentioned in theme documentation

  2. Any plugin will work. There is no best option, just one that suits your needs. Personally I would use Jetpack or Mailchimp for WordPress but it is really up to you.

  3. No, unless you are a jQuery, HTML, CSS programmer. It would be much easier to get this done using Sparkling or Dazzling themes.

  4. It is already like that, just use a blog on your front page instead of static page. here is an example how it would look: