Custom Header Image, and editing the nav bar

Hello, and thank you for providing a great theme for free.

This the first time I have tried to do any structural changes to a website, and so far i am getting on OK.

But I am having a problem with the header.

I have an image that is already cropped at 479x146 pixels. I want that image to appear in the header, full size. But using the built in ‘Header Image’ feature always resizes the image to a smaller, lower quality one via the crop screen.

How can I add the full size image without having to go through the cropping menu?

My second question is about the nav bar - which files do I need to alter to change the sizing/padding/rounded corners/colour/position of the nav bar? I can probably handle the css and html by myself, I just need to find out where to go!

Many thanks in advance,

p.s. the website is here:

To use any image size for header image you should slightly edit theme code. Inside custom-header.php file that you can find in Dazzling folder >> inc. You should add

flex-width' => true,

right below this line:

flex-height' => true,

Now you will be able to add images on header without cropping.

To edit header navigation you don’t need to access any files as you can write custom CSS on top of existing one. This theme uses Bootstrap default navigation which remains untouched and we have applied styling on top of that. My recommendation would be learn some basics about Google Chrome Dev Tools that could help you to inspect elements and modify theme on the fly. I use Dev Tools all the time when I provide Custom CSS when I am asked for some changes here on support forum.

Thank you! It worked a treat.