Custom-logo is forced to be a certain size

The logo on the top bar is forced to be 165px x 70px and if I want to put a bigger image and skip the cropping, it distorts it into 165px x 70px again. I would like to put a logo that is 442px x 70px and I have been trying to change the .custom-logo class with plugins and it doesn’t work.

Hi there

let me see it, please provide URL of the website, most probably container is less than your desired logo size

The height of the image is the same as the one of the default specified by the theme, I just need to make it a little wider

Hi there

Can you please temporarily deactivate Jetpack to check the probelm?

I have deactivated Jetpack, sorry for answering late

Hi there

You may use this css code to adjust your logo appearance:

.site-header .custom-logo-link img {
    width: 100%;
    height: 70px;


Do I have to place it in the CSS file in the theme editor?


No, put it in the Appearance > Customize > additional css