Custom page/Template, Widget images not showing

I created a custom page/custom template. I wanted to add the parallax widgets to the page, because I have two sections on the bottom of each page on my website that should be the same. I was able to add the custom page to the Widgets dashboard where I can drag and drop the widgets, just like for the homepage. I added the parallax widget, and uploaded a photo. When I set the photo as background-small or background-large, the image does not show up. The title and text show up and I see that space is being taken up by the image, but it’s not showing.

When I set the image to left, right, bottom, or top, it does show up.

Can anyone tell me what’s going on? Why cannot I not see my image when it’s set to background-small or background-large?

Hi @kseniya292,

The widgets, as the theme is built should work just on homepage. But, if you manage to do it, please send us your url to check and see what css code you should use.



I am working on it locally. Is there another way you could help? I understand the widget was only built to work on the homepage but I was able to register it on my about page. It’s working (I’m using the parallax widget) when I set the image as top, bottom, right or left, but when I set the image as background full or background small the image does not show up. I see it in the Developer Tools html code, its just not visible. I’ve tried to adjust the css but nothing is working.


Put the widget in any of the widget area, and create a shortcode using this plugin Widget Shortcode – WordPress plugin | and place that inside the page. It will do the trick.

Let us know,