Custom plugin to remove the logo size restriction

Hello there,

I would like to remove the logo size restriction to use logo image larger than 400 X 200. As it is written in this support forum several times, this can be made using a special custom plugin. Can you please tell me where I can download this plugin?

Thanks a lot

Hi there

First of all, I’m sorry but there is no such plugin and you cant download it from anywhere, only the solution is to customize the theme functions to change the functions.
May I know what is your problem with the logo? what exactly you want to achive?

thanks for your answer.
The problem is, that the logo is only displayed with a maximum size of 400x200 Pixel. I would like to upload a bigger logo (2500x600 Pixel), which is displayed with the exact size of 2500x600, but every logo I uploaded so far is resized to 400x200…

Hi there

The normal size of the logo is 400200px when 2500600 is a banner and not the logo :slight_smile:

May I see your website? please provide url, I will check if it’s possible to do with custom CSS