custom services icon

how can I add custom services icons instead of choosing from the list of available ones?

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I’m so sorry to say but that’s not possible without customization :frowning:

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The response was Please go to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and add the following code:

/Service icon replacement/
.service-icon {
content: url(×150);

Which I have done however the image is not centered (it sits to the left). How do I ensure it is centered in all browsers like the previous icon was?

Just an update. I used the following code:

#illdy_service-7 .service-icon
 {content: url(;
	width: 150px!important;
	height: 150px!important;
	display: inline-block!important;

I was able to make each service ie #illdy_service-7 have a different url. The display code helped centered it. Width & height can be changed to suit preferences. Hopefully this helps somebody looking to get custom icons!

Thank you for sharing information ?
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