Customization Issues Are A Pain In The A..

I appreciate and love all your themes. I chose Travelify for a project and everything went well until it came to the obnoxious customization with all the embedded crap. Sorry but I’ve been at this for DAYS and can’t get this to work. I need to know specifically what files I need to change so MY choices for font styles, faces, colors, and sizes override the ugly plain ones used in the theme.

Why is it that you include styles.php but nothing done on it makes a shred of difference?

If customization is really an option and not a figment of our imagination then at least make it relatively simple and intuitive to change things like color, size and face.

I don’t want the fonts embedded or registered. I want to change to something else globally. I want my OWN sizes on the H1 title tags, I want my OWN colors.

So what exactly are the files that need to be changed so MY choices override the theme choices?

I’d really, really appreciate a straight forward answer because changing it in styles.php, the customizer and the theme options custom css DO NOT WORK. NOTHING CHANGES.

Or can you send me a changed theme I can actually use if I send you the name of the font I prefer to use?

Clarity Gothic or Clarity Gothic SF.

H sizes start at 20 not 30 something.

Colors 464646

Thank you.

PS more rant: I guess theme developers have decided it’s easier to conform than to be unique…all these codes are changing to this embedded registered nonsense. If the styles page is in there then at least make it functional. Otherwise get rid of it and leave a big note in your readme file that we can pi55 off, we’ll use whatever you force us to use, and customization is up to you, not us.

Then see how popular your themes are.

Either you are not using Travelify theme or your have no idea what you are talking about.

  1. This is completely FREE theme
  2. There is no such thing as style.php file anywhere in the theme.
  3. Custom CSS field in Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS does work properly. And I am completely certain about that since 200,000 people are using this theme without issues and I have used this theme for dozens of my own project of different hosting environments on it does work like it should.

Instead of trying to blame theme please share your Custom CSS that you used to change fonts and make other changes and I will try to debug your code.