Customization questions

First of all, Kudos to Colorlib team for this neat theme!

I’ve plan to install Sparkling theme on my main website in the near future. Before that, I need to customize it on a test website, so it fits my needs.

  1. How to make navigation menu in header bold?
  2. How to make navigation menu sticky? (I prefer that it sticks on top ONLY on desktop view, if possible)
  3. Remove featured image above the post only in the post itself. (Not from main page, categories) (To prevent duplicate photos, because I always use the featured image in my posts anyway)
  4. Add excerpt to all posts in main page/categories. (It would be better after 2 paragraphs when it reaches second <p> tag.) After that visitor should click on “Read More” to see the whole content.
  5. Remove author box below each post.
  6. It somehow breaks Sharethis plugin big buttons as you can see on test websites. They look “more” ugly now. How to fix? [How it is in Sparkling theme] [How it should be]
  7. How to re-size the featured image in index? Editing sparkling-featured tag in functions.php will do it?

I apologize for my bad English! I really appreciate your time to answer my questions.



I figured out the solution for some of them. Not sure they are the right way to do them, though:

#2. Adding class “navbar-fixed-top” to <nav> will do job.
#3. Removing below line from single-content.php:
<?php the_post_thumbnail( ‘sparkling-featured’, array( ‘class’ => ‘single-featured’ )); ?>
#4. replace the_content(); with the_excerpt();
#5. Can be found HERE.
#7. can be edited in functions.php

Also, since I use 336x280 ads, it doesn’t fit in mobile-view. I made these changes to fit it. Please let me know if this is not a good way:

.main-content-inner {
 padding: 5px 5px;
.post-inner-content {
  padding: 3% 3%;
,site-content {
 padding: 5px 5px;
.well {
  padding: 3% 3%;
.widget-area {
 padding: 5px 5px;

I still need some help with my #1 and #6 questions in first post above.

  1. To change menu items to Bold, please add this code to THeme Options - Other - Custom CSS

.navbar-default .navbar-nav {
font-weight: bold;

  1. To fix social media icons you can add this code to the same Custom CSS field
.stButton .stBubble_count { height: 41px!important; }

.stButton .stMainServices { height: 22px; }

Code you rpovided above has no errors and you can feel free to use it if necessary.