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I love the theme Activello. Thank you.
I’m Japanese and write my blog ( in Japanese. Now I’d like to edit some text that shows up in the comment form. How can I do? I’m sorry that I am so new to editing php or any codes here.
The main issue is the Japanese (automatically translated from your template?) is not very clear or correct. I’d like to type in my own word if possible. Also, after submitting a comment, it is very unclear if it is submitted. So some people send me a comment several times.

Should I use some extra plugin to do all these?

What I’d like to do:

  1. Edit text for “Leave comment” in Japanese, and make a font a bit bigger
  2. Red star mark or dot for the required fields (Name and Email)
  3. Edit text for “Submit Reply” in Japanese (better just say “Submit”)
  4. After clicking submit, bring up a note saying: Thank you for your comment. It’s sent to the approval.

Thank you so much for any of your help!


I hope you are doing well today.

1+3In order to translate the text then you would have to use a plugin to translate the text. here are a few options:

2 This plugin will allow you to add the required fields:

4 You can use this guide to add a response message in the form:

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Thank you so much for a quick response! I’ll take a look at all the suggestions.

Will close this case since most of the question is answered and they are general questions related to wordpress

Thank you!!

Thank you too