Customize Header Picture in Sparkling (CSS file ?)

Hello dear Colorlib community,
use your themes a long time since they are pretty awesome and also free which is super cool.

I recently added sparkling and i have an issue, i wanted to change the href link to the header image in the css file, but i cannot locate that file on my ftp. I just dont know in which File the sparkling theme stores this information

< img src=“http://test.blabla” alt=“xyz” width=“100” height=“41” / >
end of #logo

something like this is the code, which can be found when you rightclick on the website and check the source code of the page via firefox, but how do i know in what File is this information located so i can change it ? I wanted to change it directly in the file on my ftp not via custom css code in the dashboard.

Thanks for the help, really appreciate it.

Hi @spark,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

This is not possible to change using CSS code and you have to change it in the theme file.

You can change it by editing header.php file in your child theme and change logo url added in the href attribute of anchor tag displayed in the below code snippet on line number 52 in that file.

								<a>"><img>"  height="height; ?>" width="width; ?>" alt=""/></a>
							<!-- end of #logo -->

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	<?php if( get_header_image() != '' ) : ?>

								<a>"><img>"  height="height; ?>" width="width; ?>" alt=""/></a>
							<!-- end of #logo -->

okay now how to i enter the url to the new header image there ? can you post me the result how it should be ?

lets say the new header picture should be this url (just an example)

Thank you for the fast reply, really appreciate it !

i ask because the problem here was i got an svg logo which cannot be imported into the media… thats why i uploaded it to the ftp and wanted to integrate it manually into the header… but idk doesnt work for me currently :confused: does your steps above also work without a childtheme ? i tried but didnt worked for me (made backups of header ofc)

Okay i solved it now :slight_smile:

now i only have one problem left… the header picture seems not central more like totally on top of the page… how to get it in the middle of the header ?

here you can see what i mean… i dont want to put it in the center of the page it should stay on the left site… but i want to center it how i draw it… i like to have the middle of the logo exactly where the 2 dots are… how to realize this o.O doesnt work at all with a code like this

.navbar-header {
width: 100%;
#logo {
text-align: center;

i can center it with this and put it in the middle of the header width… but how to put it more in the middle of the height ?

i like to keep it on the left site just center it how i draw it :slight_smile:


everything solved… please close thank you

You are always welcome here :slight_smile: