customize search result page


is it possible to modify search result page? I would like to add some css both in search result page and filter result page


It is possible. You can target search or search-results class which is assigned for body element.

For example here is how you can change content background and font color for search result page: .entry-content {
	background: #999;
    color: #fff;

Based on this example you can apply styling to every single element on search page.

Thanks Aigars,

ok for search result page…but for filter page?

I set up the “Product” page as woocommerce homepage. Here I have an intro text and 3 category boxes.
If I filter products I see a page with results and with the intro text too.
I would like to hide this text

any ideas?

Not sure which page you are referring to but you can always check that page source to see what class is added for body element and you can target that class the same way I provided example with search page.

This code is not going to do anything but the idea would be like this:

.filter .entry-content {
	background: #999;
    color: #fff;

First class if to specify to which body class you are referring and then follows more specific class. You can even add more classes to target even more specific elements and pages.

Thanks Aigars
I solved with this script

<script type=’text/javascript’>
if(window.location.href.indexOf(“filtering”) > -1) {