Customize Slider with Custom Post Types

I am using the Sparkling theme with my Wordpress blog but I have used custom post types and these are not included in the slider despite have featured images of the right size. For example I have used “Case Studies” as a new post type and would like to display these custom posts in the homepage slider. It would also be good to include certain pages in the slider as well.

I am guessing I would need to edit the flexslider settings in the extras.php file in this case, but are not sure exactly how to do it. Any help most appreciated. Cheers.

Hi @beyondtool,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

You can use pages in the slider by using the child theme solution shared in the following topic

To use custom post type in the slider you have to customize the function sparkling_featured_slider added in the functions.php file of shared child theme.

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