customizer appears broken

I have WP 4.7.4, theme 2.0.1, and companion plugin 1.0.7. After I updated the theme and plugin, the customizer appears broken. Please see the attached image. What do you think is the culprit?

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Please disable any third party plugins that you may have active, to see if there is a plugin conflict at work.
If the issue persists, then you would have to use the following plugin to backup your WordPress and theme settings:

After backing up, switch from the Illdy plugin to the default WordPress plugin.

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Okay, will try. I have a test site with the same plugins and it works fine.

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Are you still facing this issue with your customizer? Please let me know so that I may provide some further assistance.

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This issue has appeared to resolve itself. Now the customizer appears fine. Thanks for the feedback. I never disabled any plugins–it just worked after the 2nd or 3rd time.