Customizer freezing when attempting to change homepage widgets

Hello, I have an issue with my site.

When I go to the Customizer to change the hero image or any of the widgets, the browser freezes and then navigates to at ‘broken page’ white screen. (On chrome it says ‘Aw Snap’) sometimes Chrome will pause in the debugger with a
‘paused before potential out-of-memory’ crash.

What I’ve done/checked so far:

  • In my php.ini, my memory is set to 256mb which seems like more than enough to be allocated for this theme to work.
  • Disabling plugins one at a time still gives me the error.
  • I've gone through my file manager and db and removed all irrelevant information to try to save on space. Still getting the error
  • All plugins and theme and wordpress are up-to-date
  • I have php version 5.6 installed

I have tried to get around this by simply changing the values in the database (phpMyAdmin). But when I go to wp_options and change any value related to the Shapely theme, the entire cell value is simply removed instead of being replaced, causing huge issues with my site. I haven’t come across this issue for any other plugin/table data that I’ve changed.

Hey there

Sounds very strange and interesting to me :slight_smile:
Can you please send me your WordPress login info along with your website URL and I will take a look at that.

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Username: Support
Password: (t4H*tn)tKSDe#(Nq(OhCTem


Thank you!

Hey there

I just tried this and it worked without any problem, you can check i just changed hero image, i used chrome browser,
please try chrome browser in incognito mode and let me know if it worked

Huh, interesting. It did work in an incognito tab. Do you happen to know why this is?

I tried clearing cookies before and everything.

As always, Thank you so much for your assistance!


Hello Paige

gotcha, probably i know what is it, i think this is one of your chrome extension, try to disable them one by one and same time check your problem, you will discover which one was conflicting with the customizer :wink:

let me know results, I’m interested in this as well :slight_smile:

Regards Noda