Customizing button colors and shapes


I would like to change the button colors and button shapes (from round to square) and there is nowhere in the theme where I can do so. Can someone please help?

Also, in the footer where it has the contact info, I added my email address but it’s not linking.

I also need to connect my popup email form to connect with my Mailchimp and there is no place to do that… (also want the grey text to be white) … I was able to do it for the subscribe form in the footer.

All these things seem like they should be accessible from the theme settings…


Hey there

Christy, please provide a link to the page and i will check them
there is no such option to customize buttons by this way, it will require some custom work, is my site.

I would like it to be a gold color same as the top announcement bar and changed to a darker shade when hovered or clicked… and I would like them all to be square not rounded.