Customizing sections

How much can I customize the sections in Illdy? From what I can see I can only add widgets to them. What if I’d like more control, like coding a separate page where I have control over the bootstrap layout (col-sm-4 etc.), and put that page in the flow of the one-page layout.

I chose to look into Illdy because it looked nice and I though it would be easy to customize it according to the features I need (which aren’t projects, testimonials, services etc). Would Shapely or another of your themes be better suited for more control? Ideally I’d like to remove the sections I don’t use from the interface altogether and rename the ones I do use.

I think I will be alright if I can only change the order of the starting page with the about section. The starting page shows up in the single-page flow, right after the jumbotron. I’d like the about section to come first though, then the starting page and then contacts after that. Is this possible to change?

Hello @alandor,

First of all, thank you for the interest in our themes!

Unfortunately, the level of customisations you are looking for is not present in Illdy theme, as this is a free product and it’s quite missing the premium features like you expect.

You can change the section order in Dashboard > Appearances > Customize > General Options > Sections order.

Let me know if this is fixing all of your issues.

Kind regards