Customizing Unite WordPress theme - Excerpt length, Popular Post Widget

Hi there,

thanks for this really handsome and nice free theme. I LIKE IT!

How to insert the tab-widget with “Popular, Recent and comments”?
I’d like to have the same tab-widget in the right sidebar as in your demo. Is is made out of shortcodes with EBS widget?

How to define the number of words in the blog-excerpt?
I’d like a continue-Reading-Button, but I don’t want to use the more-tag. Where in your theme can I define the number of words to be shown in the excerpt?

How to change the size of the featured image in blog posts?
In which file can I change the size oft the image that will be used in the blog overview? Is there a fixed height or width?

How to activate the link of an submenu?
In the moment I use submenus in the navigation the main link is not active anymore but is changed in #. Is there a way to show the main page of a submenu in the navigation?


Thank you for your feedback

  1. No need for EBS plugin as this widget is built in theme and you can find it under Appearance - Widgets and it is called “Unite: Popular Posts Widget”

  2. This theme doesn’t have filter applied for excerpts, it just switched between the_content and the-excerpt functions via Theme Options.
    the_excerpt is 55 word long by default and you can change that by tweaking and adding this filter inside functions.php. It will work via Child Theme as well if you use one. This code changes the-excerpt length to 20 words but you can change it to any number.

function unite_excerpt_length( $length ) {
	return 20;
add_filter( 'excerpt_length', 'unite_excerpt_length', 999 );
  1. Featured image and thumbnail size is defined via functions.php and you can change it to any value.
	add_image_size( 'unite-featured', 730, 410, true );
	add_image_size( 'tab-small', 60, 60 , true); // Small Thumbnail
  1. This thread will help you with that:

Thank you. Helped me a lot :slight_smile:

Just me again. I now activated the excerpt in the theme options. But unfortunately the (…) after the excerpt is not shown. Do you know if there is a possibility to show the (…) and the “continue reading” at the same time? Or can the filter just handle one of them?

Found the solution by myself. It did not work in the functions.php of my child theme but only inserted directly in the extras.php of your theme.

It probably didn’t work because of this. This code is already inside extras.php and might block code you added there.

// Change default "Read More" button when using the_excerpt
function unite_excerpt_more( $more ) {
  return ' <a class="more-link" href="'. get_permalink( get_the_ID() ) . '">Continue reading <i class="fa fa-chevron-right"></i></a>';
add_filter( 'excerpt_more', 'unite_excerpt_more' );

Hi, I changed the option to “display excerpt for each post” and now I can actually see the excerpt on the articles page. The problem is that when I click on read more I keep seeing the excerpt only, even on the specific post page: thank you for your help,

Solved! I changed the <?php the_excerpt(); ?> to <?php the_content(); ?> in the content-single.php page in the editor. Thanks!