Damaged links on Newspaper-X

Hi Noda,

this is, once again, Bernd (Monni) from Bavaria, Germany. Last Year you helped me several times and my hopes lie on you by 100 percent once again :slight_smile:

To figure out my problem: On the website www.sgm06.de which I’m responsibe for on behalf of my sports club some links don’t work any longer. This links lead, for instance, to other websites, but also to other locations on our website.

I renewed these links, but I failed. So could you please gimme an imagination what could be the reason for that bug? Do you need more details regarding our website? We use the theme Newspaper-X and some Plugins like Yoast SEO or Gutenberg.

I would be very glad you could help in any way!!!

Best regards,
Bernd (Monni)

Hey there

Monni, it’s nice to see you again here, and you can be sure I will do my best to help you again :slight_smile:

Ok, which links and where? how can I replicate your problem Monni?


Happy to meet you here once again, Noda!

To figure out my problem, let me give you two examples: At the end of the latest article on our front-page, „Stefan „Das Eich“ Eichner spielt Reinhard Mey (Chansons)", I placed a link at „online here“ and this link does work perfect.

When you go, for instance, to the point „Belegung“ in the menue bar (last item) and click on it, you will find the sentence „Hier gelangen Sie zum Online-Belegungskalender der Sportgemeinschaft Margetshöchheim". In the hyperlink section of that page I filled in the URL of the target URL (outside of our domain) absolutely correct and the entry with the marked two words „Online-Belegungskalender“ stands out In blue color.

Believe me, that has worked the last months without any problem, but since some days there happens no „action“ clicking on that „link“.

Maybe that there is a difference between a link in „articles" (like that from the pole position) and static „pages" (like the above mentioned)?

I’m going crazy the last days … but I’ve got no idea to solve that problem? Do you have one (or two)? Or do you need more details, Noda?

As always: Very much tanks and best regards,

Bernd (Monni = my nickname) :slight_smile:

Hi Bernd

Ok, got it. Please try this css code and let me know if it worked:

#secondary {
display: block;

Kind regards :slight_smile:

Hi Noda,

exzellent support: You gave me the right CSS-code and our website works trouble-free once again. Is there a chance to express our thanks to you in a, for instance, financial way?

My/our very best regards,


Cool :slight_smile:

Nice to hear your problem is resolved now, Bernd :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will send you a PM :wink:

Best regards

Sorry, Noda, but what the hell is a „PM“? Please consider that English is not my native tongue … Bernd

@Monni its a personal message, sorry for abbreviation :smiley: