Dark line in footer for Dazzling WordPress theme - how to remove?

Hi there!

I’m currently building my second site with this theme so thanks for making it :).

I have one little issue I can’t seem to figure out… For some reason there is a dark line between the footer and the rest of the page, like a separation line or something. How can I remove that line (or adjust the color so that it blends in with the background)?


Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it!

Your website URL or it didn’t happen :slight_smile:


My website is still in coming soon mode so I can’t really share the URL, but I have attached a screenshot from the footer.

Sort of related… How do I get the copyright line aligned in the center of the page?

Thanks again so much!

I have combined both of your questions into one code example. It will help to get rid of dark border on top of footer are as well as center copyright information. Add this code to Theme Options >> Other >> Custom CSS

#colophon {
  border-top: none;
.site-footer nav.col-md-6 {
    display: none;
.copyright.col-md-6 {
  text-align: center;
  width: 100%;

Let me know if this helps.

Yes, that worked like a charm! Thanks so much!