Dazzling exact as demo-content

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I would like my website to look exactly like the demo, shown here: https://colorlib.com/dazzling/

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You can use the documentation to implement then theme as it is in the demo:

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@Support - I’m also looking to get the demo data to import. According to this thread:

the demo xml file from 2014 is outdated and no longer works. Can you do an export of the data from the live Dazzling demo and post it here please?

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i found demo data in the same link you provided @quintont
in this reply:

Let me know if it worked

No, it didn’t work @colorlibsupport . That is from 2014 (dazzlingdemo.wordpress.2014-08-14.xml) and I think the import is not compatible with the latest version of WP. I get errors with the Download and import file attachments checked or unchecked.

Failed to import pa_color Black
Failed to import pa_color Blue
Failed to import shop_order_status cancelled
Failed to import shop_order_status completed
Failed to import product_type external

The pages and posts are created but media is not imported. and pages and posts all need formatting. They look terrible. Like many people on the forum here, we want to have a working import file that imports the media and formats the pages and posts to look like the demo.


  1. you get that error because you don’t have Woocommerce activated,
  2. after the demo import you have to setup homepage and set menus from appearance > customize
  3. some images may miss during import but this is not the problem, you always set new pictures, this is demo

Can i see the results? please provide url to the page

Thank you. After installing Jetpack and WooCommerce plugins, the demo pages look much better!!! Images imported too.



That’s it :slight_smile:

Ok, closing this case, feel free to open new tickets