Dazzling Slider spills over content at the top for Dazzling theme

My slider is spilling over the content on the first load but after the second image kicks in it sorts itself out.

Is there a fix to this without using the .flexslider {overflow: hidden;} workaround?

My blog is: toysworldreviews.com

I’ve attached a screenshot.

Hi djbrook,

I have the same problem with this theme…

Is this forum visited by the support staff? Its been a few days and was hoping for a resolution :frowning:

I used this to solve it:

.flexslider{height: 100% !important;}

I hope this works for you too :slight_smile:

you’re a legend - many thanks!

Hi there,

Thanks for reporting the issue.

We are troubleshooting the issue and we’ll release ASAP the updated version of Dazzling theme containing fix for this issue.


Hi @creativa,

Thanks for providing the solution here.

I hope the solution will help to resolve the issue for other members having same issue.

Your help here is really appreciated.