Dazzling theme default comments.php file (HTML-code)


When I started building my blog i decided not to have comments on my posts. Therefore i decided completely do delete the HTML-code from comments.php.

I have now changed my mind about the comments on blog posts, so I would ask you, if you could send me the comments.php code, so I get comments field on my blog posts, and not on my pages.

Thank you!

Disabling comments via WordPress built-in settings would be a much better options and I see that you have learned this a hard way. :slight_smile:

Default theme files can be downloaded from Github and WordPress.org

Thank you for your help!

But it now says, that “comments are closed”. Could it be plugin that we could blame this fault on? I have been in “options” unchecked and checked the necessary checkboxes.

What can I do?



You have disabled comments via WordPress dashboard. You can enabled them again by following these instructions.

Thank you!