Delete account

I would like to delete my account with you since I have changed my wordpresstheme to another company.
Please send a confirmation when it is done.

I tried sending this through your “Contact us”-form but got an error saying that I´m banned by Akismet??? What is that about???

Thank you in advance

Kind regards Pia Olsson

Hey there

Dear pia we cant delete user accounts (we don’t have rights for this) but this is even not necessary just forget it, if you want to delete particular message let me know and i will delete your message

Hello @colorlibsupport,

I would also like to delete my account (similar circumstances as @simplypapaya).
For your website to be available in Europe, you have to comply with GDPR.
So, I kindly ask you to delete my account. If you can’t do it, please forward me to someone who can (even if it’s a third-party).

Thank you very much.

You can do the same from your account setting, from your profile try to delete your account

Let me know if it worked

Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately, I can’t find the option to delete the account, that’s why I “necrobumped” this post

Ok, your account is not suspended :slight_smile:

Could you also delete my account?
Me neither, I couldn’t find the option to delete it in the options.
I don’t need it anymore, and also, I just want to limit the number of accounts I have everywhere on the net. :smile:
(By the way, I’m also in Europe, like the previous user)

Hi @lilyferrari

Sorry, but I cant delete accounts, I have no such privileges, however I can delete your messages if you want