Delete "Front Page" title

How can i delete the “front page” title from my homepage?

Link here:

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Please go to Appearance > Widgets and check to see if there is a widget there with the text “Front page” and remove the widget or the text alone.

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Unfortunately it is not helping. There is no widget with that : (

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Please check it again, for sure this is one of the first widget on the frontpage widgets in appearance > customize

Yeah i have checked it few times and there is nothing there. Non of the witgets there have it (photo in the attachement)

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add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

.front-page-section .section-header h3 {
display: none;

Colorlib Support Team

It says in cant be saved because the code is invalid. And the other problem is that the title is no longer there but the white gap stays.

Hello Mateusz

The code is correct, can you show me a screenshot of the error message?
text is still there

My website was hacked by some malware. And i think that could be a result. Right now sometimes in redirects to other sites. Maybe there is somewhere a viros code in your theme. Please help me with that.

i spotted it as well, was redirected to other sites too,
unfortunately, we can’t offer support for such problems on this free support board, this question requires complex investigation, checks and tests, check this link with more info:
and if you don’t have enough experience with such things find freelancer