Delete request - forum topics

Hi there,

Can you please help us to delete the following forum topics, as they contain personal information and references to a business site that no longer exists?

Many thanks!

Hey there

I don’t have rights to delete the topics but you can remove all your personal information from your posts, you can edit all your post and remove all the links or any other data you want

Best regards

But it seems that you have credentials to delete posts based on this ?

In any case, the site wouldn’t allow me to edit my own posts. Help?


I just deleted URLs from the replies, not the whole topic, im not allowed to do that. You can review all your tickets and remove url that are not public yourself

OK, in that case, can you please just delete the uploaded photos/screen shots here:

Or at least make them private?

The persons shown on the photos would like to remove them from the forum for privacy reasons.

Hope you’ll understand.


hi there

Done, it’s removed completely

I will close this case now, next time, please only post your private data in the private replies