Delete tab "Navigation" menu bar


The new update of the theme “Travelify” imposes a tab “Navigation” in the menu bar. How to delete it ?

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I came looking for an answer to this as well

i have the same problem!
how you did solve it?

and i noticed that my favicon is vanished!

I have also the same problem. How delete the new navigation link in menu bar?

Same problem here as well. A new link called “Navigation” has appeared in the menu bar without any way to delete it.

I think we need to wait for a new update …

i have the same problem!

any update on this? lol

You can remove default “Navigation” item by adding this simple code to Appearance >> Customize >> Travelify Other Options.

li.default-menu {
  display: none;

Great, that’s right, thank you!
And how cai i solve the problem of favicon vanished?


Favicon is vanished because WordPress introduced its own options for favicon under Appearance >> Customize >> Site Identity >> Site Icon. We removed our dedicated option in favor of this one.

css non functional. “navigation” permanently in menu. Where problem?
Thank you Martin


I used that code, it hid ‘Navigation’ on the computer but still showing on Mobile and also in Google search results.
What is the use of showing default menu when a custom menu is selected? When no menu is selected, where is the default menu?

When it is needed like when no menu is selected then it do not show up. When it is not needed like when some custom menu is selected then it show up!
Bad coding!

10 days passed. No reply from Author!!

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The issue will be resolved ASAP.

In the meanwhile, you can remove this default menu item by using the solution posted in the following reply.

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Just want to update here that the issue is resolved in the latest version of Travelify theme.


Did you check before announcing?

Still ‘Navigation’ is showing in Mobile and Google Search.

Where are you, Moderator? No reply!

Hi Irfan,

The issue is resolved in the latest version of Travelify theme on github which you can find on the following URL.