Deleted a page and now have fatal error

Im not sure what I deleted but now have this error code: Fatal error: Class ‘unite_popular_posts_widget’ not found in /home/content/p3nexnas06_data03/83/2140183/html/wp-includes/widgets.php on line 411

How can I repair this when I can’t get into my dashboard now?

Reinstall the theme. You can download it from or GitHub - puikinsh/Unite-Theme: Customizable WordPress WooCommerce theme developed using Bootstrap 3 and Options Framework

What I can see from error you either tried to modify popular posts widget or try to edit something in functions.php where theme calls for this popular post widget. Either way if you don’t know what you did wrong it is easier to reinstall theme or at least files you tried to change.

Your only option to reinstall theme is via cPanel or FTP as you have made a fatal error, so WordPress no longer functions.