Demo Content not importing (new install)

I have just setup a new install but when I click import demo content the page just refreshes and nothing happens.

Can the demo content be downloaded separately and manually imported?

Hi there

May I take a look? please send me your admin details privately in my inbox and I will check your problem

I am newly registered so I don’t think I can send PM.

Can you message me?

Pm sent, please check and respond

Hello, I have the same problem than mkelbie, would you please help me ?

I have the same problem.


Please start your ticket and I will check your problem

Hello, I do have the same problem. As i just logged in for the first time I am not sure I can start a ticket (maybe I just havn’t seen where to do it ?). Could you help me please ? Thanks

Hi there

There is a New topic button at the top right on this page: Illdy - Colorlib Support Forum

Thanks, I just did it. hope to hear from you soon. Have a good day

Ok, thank, im going to close this one