Demo images not displaying

Hi everyone,
I just installed the free Tyche theme. I managed, with the help of video tuts and this awesome forum, to install/import the theme. I think I finally got it :slight_smile: . The problem I have though is that the images, that where suppose to come with the theme, are not anywhere to be found. They did not load on the website, they’re not in the media library, nowhere. Is there anyway I can retrieve them? Are they somewhere (in a file) so I can upload them? In case you want to see the site you can go here .

Thank you in advance for your help


Hey trhere

I see you already managed to fix it?
Images are from the link from our site, you may change them by adding new images and adding them to the appropriate places in the image setting

Hi there,
No, I wasn’t able to fix it…the images are not displaying. Can you please tell me how I can make them display?

thank you very much for your help.


Hey there

Yes, but I can clearly see the images on your demo: Screenshot by Lightshot and the version of the demo you have is normal, there is nothing wrong with it,