Demo & Widget theme sample data url not working

Hi there

I am trying to download theme sample data for the Newspaper theme.

The following URLs not working. Do you have new?

Hey there

Where did you get these links from?
demo content can be installed on a fresh installation of the wrodpress

From the theme in WordPress.

Sorry, not clearly get your last message??

The URLs are not working for me either. Note: the URLs to posts and widgets located inside the wordpress dashboard/theme’s recommended actions tab.

Does anyone have a solution for this? Or other anyother way to download the sample data, widgets?

Same Problem the URLs to download demo content in Recommended action of Newspaper theme are not working the might dead or moved please provide new links to download sample or demo data

Hi, this seems to be an old problem, and I have the same problem. The Links in the fresh installed Theme does not work.
Where can I get the sample content?

Please don’t duplicate replies :slight_smile: