Description Text (?) Color + Translations


  1. How can the Description Text (not sure if that is the right name for it) that shows up in white in the picture be changed?

  2. How can the default English texts (like CATEGORY and READ MORE) be changed to French?


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I see you marked this question as a resolved, is your question answered?

No it hasn’t been resolved. I don’t know how that got marked “Resolved”.
I’d also like to add something, if I may…
How can the fonts be changed (use other fonts) site-wide, and how can the size be responsive? Right now, that font is WAY too large when displaying on a cell screen, for example. The headers within the articles are also huge. I’d like to make them smaller, if at all possible.
Thanks for checking!

For extensive modifications…

I wish to modify the color of the links (the hover color has already changed… from what I did to the Front page?).

I wish to modify the size of the header fonts.

I wish to change the fonts site-wide.

It seems to me adding all this modifications to the Additional CSS section is… precarious at best?

Would it be best to create a child theme?

What would it contain then (code-wise)? And where would it go?

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Ok, please provide link to this page and i will do my best to help you with all your questions,
No, a child theme is not necessary for this case i think we can use only custom CSS code

The site is not live yet.

And won’t be until I resolve these issues.

I’ve provided some screenshots.

On the one below, I’d like that text that is circled in red to be written in black (or another color than white).

More screenshots to follow for the other issues.

Here is what I mean by the Headers font being too big… I’d like to change the size of the header fonts as well as the font itself.

I’ve also pointed to the button, On any other page that the Front Page, it does not change color when hovering. Is it possible to make it change color (only the text changes color on hover)?

And finally, here you see just how large the header font appear on a cell: way too large!

Thanks for your help! It is much appreciated!

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Dear @shannsu sorry but url of the page is necessary to generate custom css code for you, i cant do this from screenshot because it’s impossible :frowning:

Hi Noda!

Can you then explain to me what you use, what you use, to generate these codes? I can then do it myself (and stop bugging you!).


Hi again Noda!

I’ve managed a lot of what I wanted to do…

I can change the FONT of the description but not the color. And I’ve tried! It is white and won’t change!

Here is what I have done to change the font of that line of text below BLOG:

#header .bottom-header p {
	  font-family: 'Raleway', sans-serif;

You can use this page (the demo for the theme) to get whatever you need.


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Basically, we are using developer tools to inspect particular element of the website and generate custom css code,
if color is not changing then something is not going well, this code:

#header p {
color: #f00 !important;
font-family: cursive;

Must be enough to change the color and font, try again and if still does not helps then you can post your website url once you publish it

YAY Noda! It worked!

You are my hero!

Thanks a million for this solution.

Now, what is left on that list, is how do I get all the “READ MORE” and other “default words” to display in French? Other than hard coding them… of course.

I know I’m installing Translations plugins (I’ve updated them lately), but I can’t see how to activate them.

Again, BIG thanks!

I have some screenshots to show what I would love help with next, Noda…

This is on the Front Page. Just like this one (theme demo) :

The numbers refer to those on the screenshot.

  1. How to change the font of that description (under the huge title)?

  2. How to change the font on those buttons?

  3. How to change the font of that paragraph under the About title?

  4. How to change the font of the color words under the sliders?

  5. How to change the font of that line of descriptive text under Project title?

Also, (no screenshot for those)

  • Changing the font all the little paragraphs of text on that page? (Under About, Services, etc…)


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Read more and other texts to change - Yes, you have to use translation plugin, there is no other method to translate WordPress theme if you don’t know how to use plugin my suggestion is to use documentation of the plugin because without this you can’t do anything
regarding other question Auch, I’m afraid such list of question falls on customization territory when you want to change several elements in the theme it’s ok and we can help of course but when you create a list of the changes this goes to customization, sorry :frowning:

Thanks for your reply, Noda!

And don’t worry. You’ve been most helpful with what you have given me so far.

Thanks again! xx

Thank you too, my dear :slight_smile:
Let me know if you have new questions in a new ticket :slight_smile: