Design a blogger template

my requirements are simple I thing wich are:
a blogger template that has

  • in homepage i need 4 sections each section has a specific category to display
  • in each topic I need the timestamp will not be a date… it will be ago format
    ( like this post before 4 hours, 5 days, 3 months )…
    -inside the post, I need a share screen at the end of the display

Hi there

Im sorry, but you have to browse and review all the templates we have :wink:


there are mant blogger templates are available. but the best one for you will depends upon specific need and prefrences including


all I need is a template that has on its homepage 4 sections each section has a specific category to show the posts… if you know a template give me a name, please.

Hi @abody5111

I can’t recall such a template, you need to browse them yourself


Sure, here’s a popular WordPress template that fits your requirement: Divi. It has a homepage layout builder that allows you to add sections and specify which categories of posts to display in each section.

hi @Lovely

Divi is not a blogger template though :slight_smile: