Designing my products page

I can’t resize the boxes on the cover of the image I’m attaching.
I would like to reduce it as if it were a narrow and long rectangle.

In addition I wanted to ask how can I change the css only for this page that I would like the color of the links to be white and not the blue that I had already written in the css codes.
(The writing below is white because it is not a link, the one above blue because it is a link)

This is the link of the page of my site :wink:
Thanks in advance.

Good evening Myneks :slight_smile:

You’got support for our theme and now you want to receive support for third-party plugins huh :slight_smile:

Ok, here is the code :slight_smile:

.wp-block-cover, .wp-block-cover-image {
min-height: 170px;

Sorry I had forgotten it was external to your theme.
But who can I ask? :wink:
At the wordpress forum directly?

However I thank you because you have solved my doubt. I didn’t know where to change the code portion.

I would like to make another change when it comes to hover but I don’t want to ask you why you’re helping me too much, thanks a lot!

Good morning Myneks

in any case, first of all, you need to contact the designer/developer of the product,
No prob, since you are our long-time member go ahead and ask it here :wink:

p.s. im available next several hours and then will come back after weekend

I wanted to create a hover that made the image widen in height to show it in full, is it possible?

Good morning

Yes, it’s possible but in this case, it will require some extra works, and since this is not our theme element you need to get in touch with the author of the plugin :slight_smile:

I tried! :slight_smile:

However you say that this thing I can try to create alone through the css?
Thanks anyway for telling me you can do it;)

Good evening

Well, you asked for resizing items and i helped with it, now you want to make hover effect and im not sure if this is your last request or not :slight_smile:

I’ve already asked the developer for the other plugin. I didn’t ask for help, I just asked if I can do a resize with hover.

Close this ticket, I don’t need this topic anymore.

Thanks for helping out with your theme !!

Thank you too

I will close this case now, let me know if you have any question in a new ticket