different colors for a text + buttons

– I want to change the color of half of my “title text” in “jumbotron section”? how I change it? half text in grey half text in blue

– Same for “entry text” in About section ( changing colors/fonts of few words in my text ) half text to the left & grey / half text to the right & blue

– How can i put a button text in sections ? like “read more…” / “show more…”

– How I can put another page from this button ?

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To do this you’ll need to put the text in <span> tags with an id. eg.
In the text Jumbotron title text box using the TEXT view, put the following
Example text:
This Text White <span id=“blue-txt”>This Text Is Blue</span>

Then use the following CSS in the additional css section.
Admin Area -> Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS

/*span tag blue text*/

2 and 3. The theme doesn’t provide that functionality on the home page.

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many thanks, the only thing that i cant click on ‘text’ view. it’s locked

2 & 3 :

why it works with the download button in the front page behind the title on the demo & also in latest news section for ‘blog’?

i want to do this for ‘About’ section like ‘see blog’

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I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

  1. That’s strange, just to confirm, do you have the illdy companion plugin installed and activated.
    Appearance > About illdy > Recommended themes.

  2. I misinterpreted your question, what I should say is you cannot add buttons to these sections. For example the Read more button in the latest news section can only be renamed. Only the buttons in the Jumbotron can take external links.

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