Different Feature Image for each Blog Post

It seems the “Feature Image” set in Wordpress is ignored by this theme?

I found a CSS workaround in this forum for updating the header image for “Pages”… is the same thing required for “Posts” where we need to use custom CSS?

Adding CSS for pages is ok as there is a limited amount but adding custom CSS for a header image for every single blog post is not ideal… any suggestions on getting the “Featured” image from from within the post to be the header?

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Unfortunately, this is considered a modification of theme code which is beyond the scope of support provided.
This will require modification of these files, as it changes the design of the theme.

If you are not a developer then you can consider customizations offered by Envato,

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I can make the changes, are you able to direct me to where this would need to be made for the blog posts themselves? The hierarchy is unclear.


Sorry for a late in response, can you check this option. Please, go to Appearance -> Customize -> Front Page Sections -> Jumbotron Section -> Featured image as jumbotron ? Turn it ON, after that the blog post header image will be the featured image if the featured image is present for that particular blog post.

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