Different header image options for each page/post for WordPress


I’m new for wordpress and for the travelify theme.
I understand how to put an image in the header of the website, using travelify theme (appearance/customize/header image). I can update multiple images and randomize them.
Can anyone tell me if this theme can support the following options for the header image:

  1. set a specific header image for a specific page. if yes, how ?
  2. set a slider image in the header. if yes, how ?
  3. set a specific slider image in the header for each page (for example I have 3 images from Europe, 3 images from South America and 3 images from Asia - and I want a different slider of 3 images on each page). if yes, how ?

Thank you.

Any chance you figured out how to do this? This is exactly what I wanted to do as well.