Disable Preloader for certain actions


What triggers the illdy theme preloader?

I have a vimeo plugin which opens an iframe each time you click on an embeded thumbnail. Each time I click on a thumbnail the preloader runs. I’ve ran some test and the preloader isn’t necessary as the vimeo iframes open without delay and do not need masking.

Is there some CSS codeing I can use to disable the preloader for certain plugins?

I’d like to keep the preloader active when my site is initially loaded. I am using a video in the jumbotron header and sometimes it takes a second or so to load up.


Hi Dan

Let me see it, please provide url of the website and a link to the Vimeo page


Thanks, I have determined that the preloader cannot be disabled for individual pages or projects as it is hard conded into the theme. I noticed there are wordpress plugins that let you do this though.


NIce to hear Dan

Have a good day :slight_smile: