Disable unused features so my site loads faster?

It appears from various speed tests that my page load time could be improved if the following features did not have to load:
owl carosel

Is there a way to disable all of the above, and just use a font stack already in the browsers?


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You can try using the following CSS code to have the pages use another font that is built into the browser. You can use the following CSS code by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and pasting it there.

/*Font change*/
body, p, h1 ,h2, h3, h4, h5 {
   font-family: Arial;

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Thank you for this advice. I appreciate the time to have taken to help me with this problem.

Your advice does indeed result in my site using the Arial font. However:

  1. It does not stop font-awesome, fonts.googleapis.com, and fonts.gstatic.com from loading up and slowing down my page load speed

  2. It does not address the owl carousel from loading as well.

My goal is to speed up page load times by disabling the above. Can you advise how I might go about doing this?

Many thanks!

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The best way to do these are to dequeue the scripts, however, it’s probably a bit difficult to come up with the code for all those scripts, so I’ve found a plugin that should be able to do that for you with a few clicks:

Have a look at this plugin and see if it provides the functionality you need.

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This was a great idea. I tried it several times, and the owl carousel and fonts show up as dequeued in the Asset Queue Manager. However, after reloading they also simultaneously appear in the enqueued section. I have also confirmed that they still get loaded.

Can you provide some simple instructions for code that can turn off the loading of the items I mention earlier in the thread? Perhaps something that I can paste in a functions.php or style.css file in my child theme?

Thanks for your time!

Wait, no need to answer. I found a different plugin that accomplishes the same thing successfully.

It is called “WP Asset Cleanup” plugin, and it works great.

Thanks for your time to get me going on this path. It makes a huge difference to my page load time!

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