Disabling drop caps?

Ok so I love the Newsletter X, its free, fits my needs, and easy to use

but one question, is there anyway to remove \ deactivate the Drop Caps? that first big letter in the start of every page

my website is in hebrew and in hebrew we write from right to left, which results that the first letter is on the left side instead of the right side,

like here for example, the word start on the right side of the sentence, but its first letter is all the way to the left. at the end of the sentence

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Unfortunately, there isn’t a theme option to disable this. as its been coded into the theme and is unable to be fixed with simple CSS. We don’t recommend modification to theme files, unless you have experience with modifying code.
What I can do is submit a report to the developer to have them look at removing drop drop cap as an option.

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What was the outcome of this? I really would like this removed also!!!

HI there

Sory but looks like we are on the same situation today :frowning: